PE at St Mary’s school is 40 minutes of exercise twice a week.

The grading system is S, S- or U. Receiving a U would also affect a student's Conduct and Effort grade.

The grade will be based on a 1-4 rubric. All fours and up to two 3 will be an S. Three or more 3 and two 2 will be an S-. More than two 2 and up to two 1 will result in a U. This rubric as well as a parent letter will be sent home the first week of gym class.

Many different games are utilized during PE class. Not only are these games fun but they provide opportunities to teach cooperation, learn motor skills and fitness as well as teach the value of physical activity and its contribution to a healthful lifestyle. Older grades also participate in mile runs and fitness challenges.

Students have gym on Monday and Wednesday.

Each child is expected to participate to the best of their ability during every class. There are times when injury or illness inhibits your child's ability to participate. A note will be requested for an excused gym class. If the condition is for an extended period, a doctor's note will be requested.

We are concerned about your child’s safety and for that reason; we ask that they wear tennis shoes. Shoes with heels, boots, dress shoes or sandals (such as crocs) make it difficult for children to participate safely.

Please no dresses or skirts. These also make playing our games and doing our exercises very difficult.

A student will receive two gym shoe violation cards per semester for not wearing proper gear to gym. The third time results in lowering of their grade. Please help your child in remembering to wear the proper gear to class.

Please contact me at school 419-298-2531 or if you have any questions.

Mrs. Miller