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Camp Storer

The 6th grade camp dates are Wednesday-Friday, April 19 - 21.


All chaperones will be required to attend a Protecting Youth Workshop, complete fingerprint and background check, read and sign the Expectations Form, and pay their camp fees.


All chaperone sign-ups must be submitted. 


​My name is Mrs. Betsy Hug, and I am the 6th Grade Teacher.

Our theme this year is "Good Times…Great Friends…Best Year-6th Grade with Mrs. Hug!”

Sixth grade is last year for the students in our building, so I try to make

this year a memorable experience. The 6th grade students are leaders in our school and with that comes much responsibility.  The 6th graders are always excited to have 1st grade buddies, to serve lunch in the cafeteria, and to have an opportunity to go on various field trips.  Some of the fun things we will be doing this year include touring Rosary Cathedral, attending a live concert at the Toledo Museum of Art, participating in Christmas for Kids Live Drive, and various other fun activities.  A highlight of 6th grade is attending Camp Storer. Our dates are April 19-21.

Mrs. Hug

6th Grade