St. Mary School

314 S. Locust St.

Edgerton, OH 43517


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Welcome Letter

from the Principal

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Mrs. Earlee Harris

Preschool/Music Teacher

Mrs. Denise Roth

Administrative Assistant

St. Mary Catholic School Edgerton, Ohio 

Mrs. Melinda Jones

Auxiliary Service Tutor

Mrs. Laurie Fritch

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Nicole Wehri


Mrs. Betsy Hug

6th Grade

Mrs. Teresa Miller

Technology Coordinator & Physical Ed.

Miss Adrienne Sweet

5th Grade

Mrs. Emily waisner

3rd Grade

Mrs. Karen Adkins

4th Grade

Mrs. sara hammon

2nd Grade

We believe our Catholic school is not only a school, but a community of Faith.

We believe those entrusted to us are not only students, but children of God.

We believe we are not only educators, but Ministers of the Gospel.

We believe the values we teach are not only character development, but a call to Holiness.

We believe our courses of study are not only academic pursuits, but a search for Truth.

We believe the purpose of education is not only for personal gain and the development of society, but for the Transformation of the world.

Belief Statements

Mrs. Laurie Seibert

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. kim Diehl

1st Grade

Mrs. Julie Taylor


Staff Members

The Mission of St. Mary School is to assist families in teaching and living the Catholic faith with a commitment to academic excellence.

Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Toledo is an Ohio Catholic School Accreditation Association (OCSAA) member. On a six-year cycle, each school engages in a self-study, writes a School Improvement Plan and documents the compliance of the school with each of the eight OCSAA standards. The State Board of Education has approved these Standards as comparable to the Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools. 

OCSAA website

Mission Statement